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We believe that a personalized approach to every case is the best way to win every unique case. Our firm is explicitly devoted to family law, so you can expect our team to offer nothing but the best service.

Oklahoma Family Law Attorney, Edmond

When working with a legal team, we all want to work with the best team money can buy, especially when it comes to family conflicts. Every country and state is governed by different laws and policies, family law can be different from state to state. If you are situated in Oklahoma, you're in luck because our family law firm attorneys have got you covered.


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We understand it can be a dark place to be, but we have the answers, the light at the end of the tunnel.


We advise parents and third parties to put the children's interests first by focusing on their legal rights.


You're near and dear ones are safe in our hands; we make sure all our clients' interests are protected.

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Whatever you need, consider it handled because we are here for you. When it comes to your family, we know you want nothing but the best money you can buy. The good news is with More Law Firm, you do not have to go broke to get the best legal representation in Oklahoma. With over fifteen years of experience, our lead attorney is the best professional to have on your team during legal procedures. Your case could be a short one or a long and grueling court battle. Whichever the case, we are the legal firm for you.

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