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We all need legal aid at one point or another in our lives. Without lawyers and attorneys, society as we know it, would crumble in on itself leaving chaos in its place. When working with a legal team, we all want to work with the best team money can buy, especially when it comes to family conflicts.  Every country and state is governed by different laws and policies, family law can be different from state to state. If you are situated in Oklahoma , you’re in luck because our family law firm attorneys have got you covered.

Your family is unlike any other in the globe. It is as unique as each one of its members. The one thing most families have in common is the love that holds you together through the tough parts of life. But love is not always there. Some problems are so complex that they require the courts’ help to successfully and fairly resolve. Some disputes cannot be resolved domestically, no matter how much we love and adore each other.


Divorce can be extremely daunting, that's why we are here to walk you though each part of the process. Step by step!

Family Law

You're near and dear ones are safe in our hands; we make sure all our clients' interests are protected.

Custody and Support

We advise parents and third parties to put the children's interests first by focusing on their legal rights.

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However complex your case is, you can count on us to know how to handle matters both in and out of court. We have handled divorces involving large businesses and estates, children from different families, and common law marriages. We have also helped the couple create effective and acceptable prenuptial agreements, which can be an uncomfortable conversation to have.